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Handbook of Economic Forecasting, Volume 1 (Handbooks in Economics)

Research on forecasting methods has made important progress over recent years and these developments are brought together in the Handbook of Economic Forecasting. The handbook covers developments in how forecasts are constructed based on multivariate time-series models, dynamic factor models, nonlinear models and combination methods. The handbook also includes chapters on forecast evaluation, including evaluation of point forecasts and probability forecasts and contains chapters on survey forecasts and volatility forecasts. Areas of applications of forecasts covered in the handbook include economics, finance and marketing. *Addresses economic forecasting methodology, forecasting models, forecasting with different data structures, and the applications of forecasting methods *Insights within this volume can be applied to economics, finance and marketing disciplines

Online Shopping Behaviour

On-line shopping is a recent phenomenon in the field of E-Business and is definitely going to be the future of shopping in India which is a large and strategic consumer market. E-tailing sales in India is estimated to be $ 0.55 billion in 2011-12 and expected to touch $60-$70 billion by 2020.The potential growth of on-line shopping has triggered an idea of writing a book on on-line shopping in India. The book entails one of unique stuies done on indian e-shoppers on a large scale. The outcome of the study is a model encompassing major factors impacting online shopping Behavior of consumers in India. The study results will help the e-tailers and Marketers across the globe to devise and revamp their strategies for Indian consumers who are large in number and provide great opportunities for Business. The researchers and practitioners could use the study results for conducting future studies in the similar area. The study will also serve as a good reference for management graduates or…

Инновационное управление маркетингом

В современной научной литературе недостаточно раскрыты вопросы развития инструментария, способствующего повышению эффективности управления маркетингом туристских предприятий и обеспечения социального эффекта для потребителей. Актуальность изучаемой проблемы, ее недостаточная разработанность, теоретическая и практическая значимость определили тему исследования: «Инновационное управление маркетингом на основе синергетического подхода», постановку целей и задач. Целью исследования является теоретическое обоснование и экспериментальная проверка эффективности применения синергетического подхода как основы инновационного управления маркетингом предприятий туриндустрии.

Designing convenient retail centres

The modern consumer seeks to maximise the value they receive from all their marketing exchanges. A retail centre can provide value by increasing the benefits it provides and/or by minimising the costs consumers face when visiting it. Current academic interest is typically focused on just the one side of this equation — the hedonic benefits of shopping. In contrast, the other side of the value equation — convenience — has been largely ignored, presumably because the few studies that have included it found it to be of relatively less importance. Given that we live in an era of convenience, such findings should be treated with a degree of scepticism. This study empirically develops and tests an alternative definition of convenience to that used by previous studies. Armed with this new definition, the study examines the influence of convenience over consumers choice between shopping malls and shopping strips. Convenience is shown to have a significant influence in…

The Business Marketing Course

The Business Marketing Course

More Work in Progress: Workbook (Work in Progress)

Based on extensive observation of personnel in real companies, this series is designed for students who are working or intend to work in a secretarial, administrative or clerical environment. Building confidence through authentic tasks, the two-stage series trains students to be effective communicators in the workplace. It also provides students with a solid grammar and vocabulary base, with language items clearly presented and practiced throughout. Grammar back-ups, «Wordfiles» and «Phrasebook» entries provide an at-a-glance reminder of key gramamr, vobaculary and functional language. The workbook contains additional activities for use either in the classroom or for self-study.

Больше, чем эффективность. Как самые успешные компании сохраняют лидерство на рынке

Цитата «Хорошие финансовые результаты могут оказывать негативное воздействие: деньги успокаивают, а спокойствие для бизнеса противоестественно, это плохо для его жизнеспособности.» Скотт Келлер, Колин Прайс О чем книга Объясняет, в чем кроется суть по-настоящему эффективного управления компанией и организацией. И то, как провести масштабные изменения в менеджменте компаний с учетом результатов опросов более 6800 руководителей высшего звена на тему реорганизации предприятий. Почему книга достойна прочтения Не предполагает изучение примеров других компаний, добившихся успеха, в силу несостоятельности метода. Помогает разработать собственный рецепт успеха и добиться результата, который никто не сможет повторить. Жизнеспособность организации как ключевой фактор эффективности. Готовность компании к изменениям: как ее определить? Для кого эта книга Для всех типов…

Imf Glossary: English-French-Spanish-German-Russian

В книге представлено более 1300 логотипов различных видов и категорий. Вы узнаете, кто, для кого, когда и почему разработал эти бренды, и как они принесли успех своим компаниям. Каждый символ имеет глубокое значение, вы прочтете всю правду об известнейших в мире логотипах и их настоящем смысле. Многие из них стали классикой корпоративного дизайна и служат образцом для специалистов в области брендинга, маркетинга и рекламы.

The Effectiveness of Advertisements on Toothpaste Industry

In today’s business world, there is fierce competition among different brands of toothpastes. The primary aim of a company is to sell the products to the customers. The problem here is, «why should a consumer buy a particular brand of toothpaste?» Here, the author has analyzed five toothpaste brands, namely, Colgate, Close Up, Babool, Vicco and Pepsodent. Out of the five, which brand is most preferred by customers? Why should a customer patronage a particular brand? In order to attract the customers towards the products, which kind of media is preferable? Since there are innumerable ways to advertise the products, the author has tried his level best to show through empirical studies that TV is the most effective media for advertisements of toothpaste industry, followed by the Internet. The advertisements endorsed by celebrities/cricketers and eye-catching taglines could affect the consumers and increase the sale of the products. This book will immensely help the students of…