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CompuServe 2000 Made Simple

CompuServe 2000 Made Simple

Design of Adaptive Cruise Controller

The main aim of the project is to design model based approach for Adaptive Cruise Control system which works efficiently under the STOP & GO scenarios. A significant number of accidents could be avoided through timely threat recognition and appropriate actions of collision avoidance. This may be achieved by suitable warning to the driver or by automatic support to longitudinal or lateral control of vehicle. The Adaptive Cruise Controller (ACC) is mainly a comforting system that helps in controlling the speed of the vehicle; at the same time it ensures the distance from the preceding vehicle is safer enough to avoid collision. But the driver remains responsible for steering. The speed can be decelerated/ accelerated in steps using the buttons available in the ACC. If deceleration of the ACC is not sufficient enough to avoid a collision, it warns the driver with a warning sound. All these are clearly drafted in the report and is presented with proper simulation results. Reader can go…

High-Level Control of Simulated Crowds

The use of virtual crowds in visual e?ects has grown tremendously since the war-ring armies of virtual orcs and elves were seen in The Lord of the Rings. These crowds are generated by agent-based simulations, where each agent has the ability to reason and act for itself.This autonomy is e?ective at automatically producing realistic, complex group behaviour but leads to problems in controlling the crowds.Due to interaction between crowd members, the link between the behaviour of the individual and that of the whole crowd is not obvious. he control of a crowd»s behaviour is, therefore,time consuming and frustrating,as manually editing the behaviour of individuals is often the only control approach available.This problem of control has not been widely addressed in crowd simulation research.We propose,implement and test a system in which a user may control the behaviour of a crowd by means of general constraints. This Constraint Satisfaction system automatically alters the behaviour of…

Security Advancement in ZRP based Wireless Networks

Revolution in the field of wireless sensor network came with many research areas. Due to the dynamic topology and mobility of nodes, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are more vulnerable to security attacks than conventional wired and wireless network. Black hole attack is one of them. It is a very severe attack. The aim of this work is to provide the detection of black hole attack and provide a mechanism which is more satisfactory to prevent black hole attack in any circumstances. Black hole attack is a severe attack in the WSN. Actually the mobility of sensor nodes and open access medium etc. characteristics are responsible for these attacks. Security is the very important issue because some times people send sensitive data over wireless medium and people don’t want that nobody can get the data or access the data. If the data is related to the military application or security aspect of any country then data can be misused by any person. So to prevent from these types of mishap people…

Interactive Briefing Map

This book presents a terrain visualization application developed on a responsive workbench system. The application enables stereo viewing of a terrain as if a physical mock up model of it is actually on a real table. Head tracking system allows the user to move around the terrain model. The terrain visualization system has multi-texturing and level of detail capabilities. It also has tools that extracts culture feature data and displays it. Application also has a tool that performs visibility analysis on terrain. A remote controller is used to control system to give user more flexibility. Effect of various stereo visualization parameters like eye separation is analyzed as part of evaluation in system usability. Main goal is to represent a conceptual stereo briefing map that is usable for military or GIS purposes.

Microsoft Project 2007 в управлении проектами (+ CD-ROM)

Приведены практические рекомендации по управлению проектами, подробно описан интерфейс и возможности системы управления проектами MS Project 2007. Дано введение в методы управления проектами. Рассмотрены стадии предварительного и детального планирования проектов, поддержка процессов выполнения и анализа проекта, дополнительные возможности MS Project 2007, управление рисками, проблемами, документами и другие актуальные вопросы. Основные возможности системы рассмотрены на практическом проекте-примере. Прилагаемый компакт-диск содержит шаблоны типовых документов и баз данных, полезных для использования при управлении проектами, что сделает изучение возможностей системы управления проектами более удобным.

Fuzzy Approach to Hierarchical Clustering

In this book we tried to extend the possibilities of hierarchical clustering methods to manipulate with fuzzy data both during preparing and clustering of data.The main aim was to apply some results of fuzzy sets theory and to develop new elements of hierarchical agglomerative clustering alforithms especially focused on manipulating with fuzzy data. The main goal consisted of the following parts — to prepare the fuzzy data for cluster analysis, to extend the definition of object dissimilarity for the case of fuzzy objects; to realize clustering of fuzzy data, to search of Tolerance coefficient for Definite hierarchical agglomerative clustering method and to find Partition optimality coefficient by means of fuzzy c-means algorithm.

Cognitive Radio parameters optimization using Bio-Inspired Algorithms

Cognitive Radio Engine model optimizes wireless transmission parameters for spectrum management and decision supports, results analyzed and compared among multi-channel with algorithms based on Base-10 Genetic Algorithms (GA), Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)and hybrid of GA+PSO. Multi-objective fitness functions established the relationships among the environmental parameters, transmission parameters, and objectives of QoS performance. Using theoretically relationships between various different parameters and the weighted cumulative sum approach, equations for each objective to be used within Cognitive Radio engines were developed. The objectives of these multi-objective fitness functions were controlled by the values of the weights on each defined function. A robust technique for spectrum mobility of secondary users based on DNA inspired computing, satisfies the solution to problem given by S. Haykin paper «Cognitive Radio: Brain-Empowered Wireless Communications». However, this…

Саморазвитие личности: компьютерная диагностическая система

В настоящее время особое место в психологии занимает исследование личности, поскольку личностные особенности оказывают существенное влияние на деятельность человека, обуславливают его взаимодействие с окружающим миром. Современное общество требует от человека способностей к саморазвитию, ведь только постоянно развивающаяся личность способна успешно анализировать, структурировать и обогащать свой опыт, что является залогом успешной деятельности в быстро изменяющемся мире. Эти обстоятельства объясняют актуальность диагностики саморазвития личности для психологической науки и практики. При всей важности диагностики саморазвития существующие традиционные средства этой диагностики (бланковые тесты) из-за своей ресурсоёмкости не удовлетворяют современным условиям дефицита времени. В связи с этим необходимым является создание диагностической системы, использующей современные информационные технологии. В данной работе рассмотрены основные этапы разработки компьютреной диагностической…

FPGA-Based High Performance Parallel Computing

High-performance computing refers to the use of advanced computing technologies, especially supercomputers, to solve highly complex, numerically intensive problems in the shortest possible time. Field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) are emerging in many areas of high performance computing. FPGAs are so flexible and reconfigurable that they are capable of massively parallel operations, explicitly tailored to the problem at hand. There are many of paradigms to put FPGAs at work in a high performance computing environment. There are also many of limitations which restrict FPGAs to reach the performance of application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) but they provide the possibility of changing the hardware design easily while outpacing software implementations on general purpose processors. Since FPGAs offer an inherently parallel computing paradigm The problem of achieving significant speedups on a new architecture without expending exorbitant development effort, while retaining…