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Logos: new accords of knowledge as opposed to tekne challenges

Keywords: logos, Ict’s, sociology of technologies, educational technologiesBlurbThis text addresses the problem in which knowledge is generated from the incorporation of new technologies of information and communication technologies (ICT’s), during the last decade (nineties). The approach dwells on the fields of sociology of education and technology as a way that requires new semiotic fields, i.e. to identify the challenges of pragmatics, semantics and syntax for us to refer to reality and it?s complex relationships.To know is to develop a true sense from language and from reality itself, because it involves much more than choosing and adapting knowledge structures either from the existing paradigms or from the emerging fields that allow us to try new attempts to explain in a complex world that reinvents the meaning of language, which draws on technological developments and forms complex systems that require us to reshape our frame of reference.At least, the parameters of scientific…

Организационное поведение

Рассмотрены методологическая, теоретическая и содержательная составляющие организационного поведения как науки и учебной дисциплины. Представлены современные подходы и концепции, определяющие научную и прикладную основу организационного поведения. Структура пособия сформирована в соответствии с поэтапным изучением трех уровней общей модели организационного поведения (индивидуального, группового, организационного). Предназначено для студентов высших учебных заведений, обучающихся по экономическим и управленческим направлениям. Подготовлено на кафедре менеджмента и предпринимательской деятельности.

The Damn Good Resume Guide, Fifth Edition: A Crash Course in Resume Writing

For hundreds of thousands of job seekers, The Damn Good Resume Guide has been the go-to resource for writing and refining their resumes to damn near perfection. Filled with savvy advice and written in a straightforward, user-friendly style, The Damn Good Resume Guide will help you zero in on that dream job, then craft a winning resume that gets your foot in the door. This tried-and-true best seller has been fully revised and updated for today’s job market, including: — Contemporary sample resumes (all of which landed interviews!) with job objectives running the career gamut — from line cook to sales manager, school principal to software engineer. — Tips on creating a functional, chronological, or hybrid resume — and advice on choosing which format is best for you. — What to include and what to leave out of your resume, so you get the job you really want. — Smart ways to deal with gaps in your work history and other less-than-ideal resume scenarios. -…

Adult Education And Biodiversity Conservation

This book is the results of research done in East Usambara Mountains in Tanzania specifically in Muheza District. The purpose of this study was to investigate the role played by adult education in sensitizing the adult population on biodiversity conservation. Specifically, the study intended to explore the role of adult education in awareness creation on biodiversity conservation, measures taken to achieve biodiversity conservation and appropriateness of the methods used to educate the adult population on biodiversity conservation. This is a good book for adult education practitioners as it gives experience on the field of biodiversity conservations for adults. This book can help environmental educators to use appropriate methods and approaches in teaching adults, also can help biodiversity conservers should to cooperate and design relevant adult education curriculum that accommodates biodiversity education. I recommend experts on environmental conservation and adult educators to…

Oral Communicative Competence in English Language

This study was an investigation on «interactive teaching methods in developing oral communicative competence in learners of English Language.»The objectives were:to establish the interactive methods used to teach oral skills,to determine the effect interactive teaching methods have on oral language learning, to find out factors that inhibit effective teaching and learning of oral communicative skills.The study was based on’The Communicative Language Teaching Theory’and ‘Classroom Interaction Analysis Theory’ by Sinclair and Coulthard(1975).Descriptive research design was employed in the study.The district has 33 secondary schools.The target population was all secondary school students and teachers of English of Form three,from the 33 schools.The population was selected using Stratified random sampling technique,arriving at a total of 13 secondary schools.The research instruments used:teacher interview,classroom observation,audio-tape recording and document analysis.Collected data was…

Beliefs about Environmental Education

The ultimate purpose of this study was to explore the beliefs of a secondary science teacher about environmental education and how his stated beliefs matched with his classroom practices. The study was conducted in one of the co-operative schools of the Aga Khan University- Institute for Educational Development, in Karachi Pakistan.The research design was qualitative, which included multimethods. The methods included semi-structured interviews, classroom observations, pre-post conferences, document analysis and the teacher’s teaching/learning stories. The study employed different data collection tools such as interview guidelines, a classroom observation checklist, teaching/learning stories and pre-post conference guideline questions. The findings of the study suggest that the participant believed in teaching environmental education in a science classroom.The factors that prevented him from enacting his beliefs were identified as his content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge and…

Continuous Assessment in EFL Classes

Teaching and assessment are highly interwoven. The assessment methods used in classrooms influence the teaching learning process either positively or negatively. Continuous assessment makes assessment more meaningful and more representative of the learners overall abilities. Since it involves data gathering over a long period of time, it yields more accurate data reaching the teachers early enough to modify instruction. It also captures the full range of learners’ performance. It employs a variety of assessments; uses of a formative approach; emphasizes progress toward specific levels of mastery and provides constructive feedback to students. However, some challenges can exist in implementing continuous assessment. This book, thus, attempts to explore opportunities and challenges in using continuous assessment in English as Foreign Language classes at tertiary level.

Impact Of Liberalization On General Insurance Business

Business as a socio-economic activity is aimed at satisfying various parties in terms of meeting their needs. Owners want profits, consumers need quality goods at reasonable prices at the required time and employees require adequate compensation and society demands welfare. However, this socio-economic activity is amenable to several types of risks such as natural (drought, floods, earth quakes, while winds etc) and man made; known and unknown (theft, burglary, fire accidents), expected and unexpected. Irrespective of their nature, risks shatter the hopes of several groups of people and society at large

Ускорение перемен. Как придать вашей организации стратегическую гибкость для успеха в быстро меняющемся мире

Об авторе: Джон П. Коттер — всемирно признанный авторитет в вопросах лидерства и изменений, автор деловых бестселлеров, проводник идей по управлению бизнесом, выдающийся предприниматель, вдохновенный оратор и профессор Гарвардской школы бизнеса. В 1972 году он стал преподавателем Гарварда, а к 1980 году, в возрасте 33 лет, — самым молодым гарвардским профессором. Его статьи в журнале «Harvard Business Review» (HBR) выдержали более миллиона перепечаток — больше, чем статьи любого другого автора. На сегодняшний день Джон Коттер является автором 19 книг, 12 из них бестселлеры. Профессор Котер с женой живет в городе Кембридж, штат Массачусетс. У него две детей. Аннотация: Джон Коттер призывает организации к созданию комбинированной системы управления, сочетающей проверенную временем, надежную и эффективную иерархическую организационную структуру с гибкой и динамичной сетевой структурой, схожей с устройством начинающей компании. По мнению автора,…

An Unsuitable Job for a Woman

Meet Cordelia Gray: twenty-two, tough, intelligent and now sole inheritor of the Pryde Detective Agency. Her first assignment finds her hired by Sir Ronald Callender to investigate the death of his son Mark, a young Cambridge student found hanged in mysterious circumstances. Required to delve into the hidden secrets of the Callender family, Cordelia soon realises it is not a case of suicide, and that the truth is entirely more sinister.