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Victims’ Rights, Human Rights and Criminal Justice

In recent times, the idea of ‘victims’ rights’ has come to feature prominently in political, criminological and legal discourse, as well as being subject to regular media comment. The concept nevertheless remains inherently elusive, and there is still considerable ambiguity as to the origin and substance of such rights. This monograph deconstructs the nature and scope of the rights of victims of crime against the backdrop of an emerging international consensus on how victims ought to be treated and the role they ought to play. The essence of such rights is ascertained not only by surveying the plethora of international standards which deal specifically with crime victims, but also by considering the potential cross-applicability of standards relating to victims of abuse of power, with whom they have much in common. In this book Jonathan Doak considers the parameters of a number of key rights which international standards suggest victims ought to be entitled to. He then proceeds to…

Сон разума

«Опасно не само по себе невежество, но иллюзия знания», — так сказал однажды Стивен Хокинг. Сквозь соблазн простых объяснений, преодолевая мистический страх, герои произведений этого сборника пробиваются к истине. Загадочное исчезновение подростка, преследующие людей ночные кошмары, мертвые кошки и засилье грызунов — странные явления наводнили город. На первый взгляд они кажутся несвязанными, однако детальное исследование обнаруживает странные корреляции между ними. Чтобы найти причину, профессор математики ведет расследование.

Superman: Doomed

Its name is Doomsday. It came from the Phantom Zone, where the Man of Steel had banished it once before. Bigger. Deadlier. Capable of killing life on Earth. Only Superman can stop it. But even that is not the end. Evil is in its blood. And when that blood is spilled, the innocent will fall — and Superman himself will discover the monster within. The Last Son of Krypton may become a destroyer of worlds himself, leaving the Earth without its greatest protector. Superman and his allies each must make a choice. If they unleash the monster, will they lose the man? Is this Earth’s last shot at salvation, or are Superman and everyone he cares about…

Wireless Mesh Networks

For the last decade or so wireless and mobile communication and its application have been enjoying tremendous attention because of their unique features. More recently, an increasing emphasis has been on the potential of infrastructure less wireless mobile networks that are easy, fast and in-expensive to set up, with the view that such technologies will enable numerous new applications in a wide range of areas. Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) is one of such network for providing wireless broadband internet connectivity over a selected geographic region. However, security in WMNs is still its primary stage as very little attention has been devoted so far to this topic by the research community. At the same time a lots of security based protocol has been proposed and developed for wireless ad hoc network. This thesis is concerned with the security issues of WMNs, analysis of security solutions for WMNs.

Песни для Паулы

Что вас ждет под обложкой: История любви, покорившая молодые сердца во всем мире! Этот роман стал безумно популярным в Интернете, заставив молодежь с нетерпением ждать появления очередной главы в блоге автора — пылкого испанца, скрывающегося под ником Blue Jeans. Теперь трилогия «Песни для Паулы» выходит в виде книги и доступна российскому читателю, помните в этой книги собраны сразу три истории! Шестнадцатилетняя Паула знакомится в Интернет-чате с Анхелем — журналистом и потрясающе интересным собеседником. Паула уже почти влюблена, они назначают первую встречу, но Анхель опаздывает, и в том же кафе Паула случайно знакомится с Алексом — музыкантом и начинающим писателем. Оба молодых человека красивы, умны и нравятся Пауле, у которой голова идет кругом… И как будто этого мало, чтобы сойти с ума, Анхелем увлечена опасная конкурентка — самая популярная испанская певица Катя, в Паулу тайно влюблен ее одноклассник Марио, а по Алексу вздыхает его сводная сестра Ирене… …

Growth Factors vis-a-vis Healing of Bones

The study of bone fracture and healing is a very challenging job in orthopedic surgery. In the present perspective of this endeavor is to document of ever increasing growth factors and their respective roles to get a successful repaired bone. Therefore the present study envisage the healing of bone fractures and the role of growth factors like TGF-?1, IGF-1, FGF, PDGF, VEGF and bone morphogenetic proteins-2 and 7 in healing mechanism. In this book a comparative efficacy of TGF-?1, IGF-1 and the combined application of TGF-?1 and IGF-1 was evaluated in augmentation of segmental bone healing. We observed that the combined application of TGF-?1 and IGF-1 stimulated the production of osteoblasts that transformed into osteocytes produced synergistic osteoinductive effect in augmentation of fracture healing and remodeling process in combo group as compared to apply singly. I want to express my sincere wishes to Dr. S. Sarkar and Prof. Subhashis Biswas for their inspiring attitude that…

Tissue Engineered Cell matrix construct

Extensive or irreversible damage to the skin, often requires additional substitutes for reconstruction. Biomaterials have become critical components in the development of effective new medical therapies for wound care. In the present study a cell matrix construct (bone marrow derived cells seeded fish swimbladder matrix) was used as a biological substitute for the repair of full thickness skin wound in an experimental model. This book provide a detailed review and protocol of dermal reconstruction of full thickness skin defect with a cell-matrix construct based biomaterial.

Hypermedia Image Processing Reference (HIPR)

Hypermedia Image Processing Reference (HIPR)

Urban Growth & the Circulation of Information – United States Syst of Cities 1790–1840

Urban Growth & the Circulation of Information – United States Syst of Cities 1790–1840

Larry Loves San Francisco!

Larry Loves San Francisco!