Computer Peripherals and Interfaces

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Computer Peripherals and Interfaces

Автор: Pankaj Bhambri


Computer is playing a very vital role in everone’s life irrespective of the profession adopted by any individual. So, it becomes essential for everyone to have the knowledge about the computer system. Some of the problems may be encountered to anyone while operating over the computer system. Through the work of this book, efforts have been emphasized to introduce the user with the major types of components being used in the computer system. The types of the problems that may arise while utilizing the different components of the computer system are discussed in details so that the user could resolve the common issues by himself on the same time. while studying the different chapters, some of the technology based enquiries may come to your mind. To resolve those queries, Most Frequently Asked questions are specified at the end of each Chapter.

Издатель: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Год: 2013



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Computer Peripherals and Interfaces

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